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Review in the 60s Retrospective series of WONDERFUL LIFE (1964). (follow the link) It’s the third Cliff Richard musical, and suffered from its release date, just days before ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’ It’s much maligned, though the “In The Movies” series of pastiches gets praised. I’ve put more pictures in than any other review, because there are two long pastiche / send ups of dance movies, and then movies worth illustrating. I had never seen it before. I was struck by the criticized ‘film within a film plot’ at the time, which makes it look most knowing in subverting movie conventions nowadays. It suffers from the music (a burden for a musical) but filming and cinematography are always good.

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A shorter than usual review in the 1960s Retrospective series.LITTLE FAUSS AND BIG HALSY (linked) with Michael J,. Pollard, Robert Redford and Lauren Hutton. Notable for its Johnny Cash soundtrack, it’s the two guys on bikes / motorbikes / cars template from 1970, probably trying to cash in on Easy Rider.

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