Review of the Irish set RomCom, WILD MOUNTAIN THYME. (FOLLOW LINK) It’s another adaptation of a stage play, directed by the playwright, John Patrick Shanley (writer of Moonstruck too). The cast has Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Christopher Walken and Jon Lamm. It has a soaring soundtrack, beautiful Irish scenery and we loved it, yet critics REALLY went to town and hated it, being particularly critical of the Irish accents (though the Irish critics were kinder than American and English “experts” on Irish accents). We had just had our COVID booster jabs and chose to watch a relaxing RomCom. Maybe our defences were down, but I thought the criticism undeservedly “nasty.” See what you think. Now streaming free on Amazon Prime.

A film review, this time THE FATHER, written and directed by Florian Zeller. (FOLLOW LINK TO REVIEW). It stars Anthony Hopkins (Academy Award: Best Actor for his performance), Olivia Coleman, Rufus Sewell, Mark Gaddis, Olivia Williams and Imogen Poots. It has cleaned up awards and gets a near universal 5 star rating. It’s now on DVD as well as streaming on Amazon Prime (for a mere £1.99). It’s somewhat harrowing, but the performances are unmissable.

BABY BOOMER v WOKEPERSON: Linked. This originated in Facebook responses to my article on The Rolling Stones ‘Brown Sugar’. The negative use of ‘woke’ was challenged, and I was accused of being a typical ‘boomer.’ So let’s explore the language issue, who uses which word, and have a good old vehement rant at the same time.

Brown Sugar

Here you go. A full article on ‘Brown Sugar’ by The Rolling Stones (LINKED) on Around and Around. Just about everything you need to know about the song in light ogf the current fuss over The Rolling Stones dropping it for the 2021 tour.

I include the negative comments which may have caused this … and refute them.

There is a box for comments, though it is moderated because of SPAM. It won’t be censored (but I do watch TV and sleep- often simultaneously).

The Reviled! Albums Critics Love To Hate continues. SEE:

Love At The Greek – Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond’s second live double album. He got an unfair ride from rock snob critics overall. This review takes in Hot August Night, Beautiful Noise and his performance on The Band’s The Last Waltz. Both Beautiful Noise and Love At The Greek were produced by Robbie Robertson, and no one seems to point out the close chronological proximity between the two live shows, Love At The Greek and The Last waltz. I include musings on the point of live albums in general.

BBC Records

Over at Around & Around … BBC Records / BBC Records and Tapes might be the most eclectic label of all. Well worth a look for the sheer range of material and cover images. This is a major section on Around and Around.

We went to see John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon at the Tivoli in Wimborne, nearly a year after it was originally scheduled. It was really a lot of fun. An entertaining evening … and talk, not music. See the REVIEW LINKED HERE.

Martin McDonagh’s play THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE (LINKED) reviewed at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre. The production is moving on to the Lyric, Hammersmith. Booking is suggested! McDonagh is a major playwright, and his plays are comedies and tragedies rolled into one. We felt there were issues in the production about fitting it onto a thrust stage, but also on several other points, music especially. Read and see.

Film review of EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE (linked). It is currently showing on Amazon Prime, and it is free(if you subscribe). We thought it entertaining and enjoyable, though it suffers in comparison with Sex Education Series Three over at Netflix. It may not have been the best week to release it. Though it’s a musical, based on a stage musical there are strong plot similarities.

Human Touch

On AROUND AND AROUND, Reviled! visits 1992 and Bruce Springsteen’s HUMAN TOUCH. This was voted Bruce’s weakest album in an online poll of fans. I agree. Usually, these albums get better as I listen and work on the article, but HUMAN TOUCH just got worse. One of the “justly reviled” category. The surprise was that until then The Boss had really done no wrong. With other artists, you expect the odd weaker album. With bruce it was a shock. I explore why.