For more wallowing in Transistor nostalgia, a new article on RADIO LUXEMBOURG 208 (follow link) is now live on AROUND AND AROUND. Article by Paul F. Newman with illustrations and additions by me.

Pirate Radio

New on AROUND AND AROUND. Pirate Radio of the 1960s in Britain. (FOLLOW LINK)

FOLLOW THE LINK to the review of PRIVATE LIVES by Noël Coward at the Donmar Warehouse in London. This production has Steven Mangan and Rachael Stirling in the lead roles, with tremendous support from Laura Carmichael and Sargon Yelda as the newly married and abandoned second spouses. it’s still on. It’s hard to get tickets but well worth the effort if you can.

The Vortex

Noël Coward’s THE VORTEX (follow this link to the review) is at Chichester Festival Theatre. It stars Lia Williams and Joshua James playing the mother and son in a play, when they are real-life mother and son. This is a powerful play, and it’s the third time I’ve seen a production, and this one really makes sense of it. It starts out as typical Coward and descends to a much darker level. Highly recommended if you can get to Chichester- you would have got seats at today’s matinee, not the best ones, but you can see well anywhere in this theatre.

Another new page at AROUND AND AROUND. Vogue Picture Disc  (FOLLOW LINK) was an American label that existed for just over a year in 1946 to 1947. They produced 74 picture discs, all running at 78 rpm, and a form of vinyl, not shellac. They had a wide range of artists and different illustrations on each side. They are highly collectible for the art, which is why they are in the Art of the LP section.

Article with many illustrations on RECORD STORE DAY (S) -follow link – now live at AROUND AND AROUND. It traces the history and the ethos.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to my review of Cymbeline. The Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2023 production is Greg Doran’s final play as Artistic Director. As expected they’ve gone to town on it. After a very shaky start to 2023, this is the RSC you expect and love. It brings clarity to a confusing play and manages to be exciting and fummy, without hammering out an agenda (for a change).

The third play in three days, and three five star plays too, which never happens. The third is DANCING AT LUGHNASA (link to review) by Brian Friel at the National Theatre on the Olivier stage. This 1990 Irish play is already considered a classic, and the National Theatre has done it proud. See the review.

Sam Mendes directs Jack Thorne’s THE MOTIVE & THE CUE at the National Theatre (FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ACTUAL REVIEW). This is the story of Richard Burton’s “Hamlet” in 1964, directed by Sir John Gielgud. We’re in rehearsal rooms, as well as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s suite. Mark Gattis plays … or rather IS … Sir John Gielgud. Johnny Flynn IS Richard Burton, and Tuppence Middleton brings us Elizabeth Taylor. The play is thugght-provoking and insightful.

Review of the 2023 production of Willie Russell’s one-woman play SHIRLEY VALENTINE at the Duke of York’s Theatre, (LINKED) London. Sheridan Smith is Shirley Valentine in a life-affirming 5 star version.