Follow this link to JULIUS CAESAR – RSC 2023 full review. I’m conscious that we’re two days ahead of Press Night, but my criterion is that if it’s a Full Price performance, it’s subject to review. It is a full price performance. It will be touring the country until June. Pre-publicity builds up the novelty of having a female Brutus, Cassius and Octavius. There are many issues, but that’s the least of them.

Olga Lehmann

Chilean-born artist Olga Lehmann added to the Art of The LP. at AROUND AND AROUND. (linked) I was adding so many of her illustrations to the Argo Records page that I realised she needed a page of her own. 


The progress through the Decca Group gets to Deram (LINK TO REVIEW), the allegedly prog label from Decca, but it wasn’t altogether. It is one of the most interesting and collectible UK labels whatever. Lots of pictures as usual.

Pilot Theatre’s production of NOUGHTS AND CROSSES (LINK TO MY REVIEW) based on Malorie Blackman’s popular novel has been touring for six months. They’re near the end, but it’s a strong play in production terms, and though we are too old to be the target audience, we thought it well worth watching!

The Decca Group section on AROUND AND AROUND continues to grow. The latest is on Coral & Vogue-Coral (linked) The label was best-known for Buddy Holly & The Crickets, but there was a lot more from Debbie Reynolds to Jackie Wilson.


AROUND AND AROUND continues through the Decca group with BRUNSWICK (linked). The UK Decca label, derived its material from US Decca NOT US Brunswick. A complex set up. Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Bill Haley & His Comets, Brenda Lee, The Who, The Chi-Lites. This one is another visual feast, I hope. The illustration is The Who EP on Brunswick, France.

For the obsessive music fan, there is a new article on AROUND AND AROUND. It’s Part two of the London-American label, focussing on 45 sleeves and 45 and EP centre designs.

This LP is not in it, but I love it anyway.

Early in its run, this garnered 4 star reviews from the major papers. We’re seeing THE TEMPEST at the RSC late in the run (link to review), and we thought it almost a complete failure, the second weakest Shakespeare we’ve seen at the RSC in a dozen years. Phew! That’s a contrast in reviews.

The latest on AROUND AND AROUND is a long article on London-American, (linked) perhaps the most collected label of all. Lots of pictures too. It’s the first part – there will be another coming on sleeves and designs.

Review added of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE * (*SORT OF). (FOLLOW LINK) We saw it at Chichester but it’s touring the country until June. The original production had five star reviews. I can’t think the touring one is any the less. Five female actors are the servants in the story, and dress up at speed to play the characters in the novel. We loved it. It’s bursting with energy. Do check your memory of the characters in Jane Austen’s original first though.