There is a long article on Nancy Sinatra on this site. It was originally a short Toppermost piece that grew and grew.

LINK IS HERE for her 80th birthday.

The Reviled!- The Albums Critics Love To Hate series gets to Joni Mitchell, and Mingus, (FOLLOW LINK) from 1979. It was a tribute to jazz bassist Charles Mingus, and perplexed purchasers. It got in the US Top 20, but I know few people who bought it who ever re-listen. The review also includes thoughts on Joni Mitchell at “The Last Waltz.” There is a COMMENTS box on the page on AROUND AND AROUND.

Some have asked when Around and Around’s Reviled! Series would get to The Beatles, and which album would be chosen. The wait is over, BEATLES FOR SALE joins the series. (Follow link) No Beatles album is truly reviled of course, but this has often been cited as their weakest studio album. Is it? Do add comments.

The most popular series on AROUND AND AROUND is “Reviled! The Albums Critics Love To Hate.” The latest addition is BORN AGAIN by Randy Newman from 1979. I was particularly interested in reviewing Randy Newman as to whether we are now in a world which cannot accept irony.

Back to the 60s Retrospective series with a credible 1961 British attempt at film noir, THE FRIGHTENED CITY. It features a pre-Bond Sean Connery, with Herbert Lom, Alfred Marks, John Gregson and Yvonne Romain. It’s just been reissued on Blu-ray and Amazon Prime. Worth watching. The scene on the poster never appears.

NOMADLAND (LINK TO MY REVIEW) got Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director for Chloé Zhao, and Best Actress for Frances McDormand. Highly innovative, it blurs the line between fiction and non-fiction, and between actors and participants in a documentary. My thoughts are in the review. The comments box is open. There is much to say about it!

On May 12th, Peter he fell …

For the curious an account of how Karen and I met back on May 12th 1971 and more of that era in our lives. First photo, Karen swas bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding, 3 July 1971


My first RSC theatre review in many, many months! The Winter’s Tale, shown on BBC4 and now available on iPlayer. We had tickets to see this which was cancelled just before lockdown. A year on they’ve re-asembled the 2020 cast and filmed it in three days on the stage as a theatre production. The feature they’re pushing is that Sicilia is 1953, and sixteen years later, Bohemia is 1969. Relieved as we were to be back in one of our favourite places, the review is critical. But decide for yourself. you can catch it on iPlayer.

To celebrate the anniversary Shakespeare’s baptism on 26 April, and also to celebrate ten years of theatre reviews on this blog. I’ve chosen one production of each play to illustrate with a link to the original reviews. The pictures alone show the breadth and variety of Shakesperean production over the last ten years. Link to the full set of pictures and choices HERE.

Little Joe

Little Joe (LINK TO MY REVIEW) is a late 2019 / early 2020 film, much acclaimed by some, much reviled by others. Stars Emily Beecham (who received Best Actress at Cannes for it) and Ben Whishaw. Horror? Well it’s not frightening. Sci-fi light with a touch of pandemic prediction? I am very critical, so watching it so you don’t have to!