The latest page on AROUND AND AROUND is in the “Reviled: The albums they love to hate” section,. and is Lou Reed’s 1973 album “Berlin” (LINKED) It’s a perfect example for Reviled in that the critics’ pens were dipped in vitriol back at the time of release. Now it’s considered a masterpiece. Read and see why. There are comments on “Metal Machine Music” too … and take a look at the other pages on Around and Around. There’s a LOT there apart from reviews.

It’s on Netflix now. It was made at the end of 2019, and despairing a proper theatrical release, it’s on Netflix after a week. THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO SEVEN follows the events of 1969 following the riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention. It’s laden with apposite parallels to 2020 and at least four actors deserve an Academy Award … Mark Rylance as the defending lawyer, Frank Langella as the senile ultra-conservative judge, Eddie Redmayne as Tom Hayden and Sacha Baron-Cohen as Abbie Hoffman. It’s a brilliant film all round. Catch it now!

I was reminded of Eyam the 2018 play by Matt Hartley which we saw at the Globe. It’s about the village that isolated itself in 1665 after contracting the plague. It really happened. If there were any theatres still operating, it would obviously be one to revive in 2020. I think it could be improved too. Still, it was lockdown taken to the extreme. REVIEW IS LINKED HERE.

The latest addition to my AROUND AND AROUND site is another in the series “Reviled: The albums critics love to hate” and it is a prime example … “Their Satanic Majesties Request” (LINKED) from 1967, by The Rolling Stones. There are some contrary revisionist views to the bile it received back in the day too.

At last! A review of a film a lot of readers will have seen, and only three years after its release too. Review added of WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES (linked) It garnered lots of five star reviews … but NOT from me. Read on …

The latest article on my new site AROUND AND AROUND starts a new section on record labels belonging to artists, this one on GRUNT the label for later Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship. (LINKED) Highly illustrated. Written witrh Rob Millis. Do have a browse around the rest of the site- there’s a lot of stuff on there.

Here we go. This is where I’ve been (or as Fairport Convention might have said “What We Did On Our Holidays.”) for the last couple of months. 

I’ve been putting my long and heavily illustrated book on records, music in general and record collecting onto a new site “aroundandaround.com.wordpress.com”. It’s too long to publish, so I’m taking Karen’s advice and giving it away. 

Only about 20% is done … and I’ll be adding the rest regularly for months or years to come. It’s already a large site. Have a look … start where you like but I’ve explained more, with links to a few selected sample pages on the INTRODUCTION (linked here). 

You can also SUBSCRIBE for updates which will be continual … 

The third in the Andrew Davies series, A VERY POLISH PRACTICE. Following the two TV series of ‘A Very Peculiar Practice’ this was a one-off TV film … 90 minutes long. It takes up the story of Dr Dakar (Peter Davison) and Grete Grotowska (Joanna Kanska) four years later in Warsaw. Dr Buzzard is back (David Troughton), now a medical sales rep. Add Alfred Molina as Grete’s gangster ex-boyfriend, and Stephen Peacock as Dr Krapowski, head of the hospital. A very satisfying 90 minute sequel.

Link to my review of SERIES TWO of A VERY PECULIAR PRACTICE. This is the one with Joanna Kanska as Grete Grotowska. While Series One skewered the way medicine was going as well as higher education, the second series has more focus on universities. One of my favourite black comedy series.

All four books in the series have been redesigned so that the page format and design of the print editions is the same as the latest,  Japanese Affairs. Since the series started, the Vellum text design program has been greatly improved and I wanted to carry that back to the others. This means they’re all a little fatter- more white space, not changed text. (Not changed prices either)


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