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Review of Chichester Festival Theatre’s 2019 production of Oklahoma!  (FOLLOW LINK) As usual, Chichester’s annual major musical is an event. A packed theatre, soaring music, incredible dancing and singing … see my 5 star review.


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Review of William Wycherley’s “The Country Wife” (LINKED) (1675) at Chichester Minerva Theatre. The play has been described as “the greatest farce in English” as well as “the filthiest and bawdiest classic English play.” This version takes place in modern Soho with a stellar cast, with Susannah Fielding as “the country wife”.


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Review of Imogen (Shakespeare’s Cymbeline Renamed and Reclaimed) (FOLLOW LINK) at The Globe Theatre. Perhaps the most controversial production of 2016 with a setting of drug gangs in East London. Exhilarating theatre. But is it Shakespeare‘s Globe as we know it?


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