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Review of Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend Parts 1 & 2 (LINK TO FULL REVIEW), as adapted for the stage by April de Angelis. Four novels are condensed into two by two act plays, and you can see both in one day t the Rose Theatre, Kingston.  I hadn’t read the books. Karen had devoured all four non-stop. We both agreed it is a five star production. It has been adapted brilliantly and fluently for the stage. Starring Niamh Cusack as Lenu, and Catherine McCormack as Lila. Directed by Melly Stills. Unmissable.


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Review of Imogen (Shakespeare’s Cymbeline Renamed and Reclaimed) (FOLLOW LINK) at The Globe Theatre. Perhaps the most controversial production of 2016 with a setting of drug gangs in East London. Exhilarating theatre. But is it Shakespeare‘s Globe as we know it?


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