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Review of The Beatles 1965 film HELP! (linked) in the 60s Retrospective Series. This one’s even more comprehensive than my review of A Hard Day’s Night. Director Richard Lester has said that his obituary will begin ‘Beatles director …‘  On the basis of this he has been called ‘the father of MTV video’ and it was the innovative and exciting area of the film. The trouble is the basic storyline is dire.


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Review added of “Macbeth”  (LINKED)  at the National Theatre. This was critically reviled when it opened. It runs at the same time as the RSC production reviewed here earlier, so comparison is inevitable.


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London’s first new commercial theatre in 80 years, The Bridge, opens with YOUNG MARX by Richard Bean & Chris Coleman, starring Rory Kinnear as Marx and Oliver Chris as Engels. And it’s very funny. Don’t look for debates on dialectical materialism! The review also has pictures of the new Bridge Theatre and its location.

l-r Rory Kinnear (Karl Marx) Oliver Chris (Friedrich Engels) Harriet & Rupert Turnbull (Marx Children) & Nancy Carroll (Jenny von Westphalen) photo by Manuel Harlan_preview


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Review added of The Imitation Game, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. This biopic of Alan Turing is beautifully constructed and tells the story of the Enigma machines in World War II. Turing built the computer that cracked the code, and won the war, but his life ended in shame then suicide. An excellent film.


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