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The 60s series continues. The latest is FAHRENHEIT 451 (linked). Directed by Françcois Truffaut based on Ray Bradbury’s 1951 novel about a world where books are banned, and burned. Nicholas Roeg was the cinematographer. At that point sci-fi wasn’t considered a serious genre on film, due to shaky SFX. Truffaut got round the issue. Starring Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack and Anton Diffring. Julie Christie seems to excite particular attention in these reviews from gentlemen of my generation. The good news is that she plays both the wife and the girlfriend.

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One of the 60s greats. FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD,(Follow link to review)  the 1967 version with Terence Stamp, Julie Christie, Alan Bates and Peter Finch. Directed by John Schlesinger, cinematography by Nicholas Roeg, For period drama, it beats most contenders. The latest in the 60s Films revisited series. That’s the fourth Terence Stamp film in a short time. the series might now divert and follow Julie Christie!


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The 60s Film Retrospective series continues with Nicholas Roeg’s 1970 film Performance, (FOLLOW LINK) starring Mick Jagger, James Fox and Anita Pallenberg.  It was filmed in 1968, but the studio was so shocked that its release was delayed two years. Launched to horrendous reviews, it became a cult classic and one of the most influential films from its era. The 60s series will be continuing rapidly with additions while I recuperate from a knee operation so can’t do theatre or current film!


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