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This film is 1965 (well, 30 December 1964 premiere!). THE YELLOW ROLLS-ROYCE (linked) is a Terence Rattigan script, with three separate stories  all involving the same car, set between England in 1931, Italy a few years later, then Trieste and Yugoslavia in 1941. It’s most noted for its stellar cast … Rex Harrison, Jeanne Moreau,  Shirley MacLaine, George C. Scott, Alain Delon, Omar Sharif and Ingrid Bergman.

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The 60s Films retrospective film series continues with How I Won The War, (FOLLOW THE INK TO THE REVIEW) from Richard Lester in 1967. Starring Michael Crawford and John Lennon, which is why it was so famous, though in my memory I’d put Michael Crawford, Michael Horden, Lee Montague and Roy Kinnear as the true stars. I rated it at the time. The critics didn’t. So how does it stand up 40 years on? See the review.


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