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Review of 1963’s pop exploitation film WHAT A CRAZY WORLD (linked) starring Joe Brown, Susan Maughan, Marty Wilde, Freddie & The Dreamers and Harry H. Corbett (fresh from Steptoe & Son). The interest lies in the strong concept that writer ALAN Klein (NOT the Beatles manager ALLEN Klein)  had of “British Music Hall meets Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Rock and Roll gets a lesser share to me, but it has some great time capsule moments. And some really odd ones.

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This 1963 film, SPARROWS CAN’T SING, featuring many of the later British sitcom stars, led by Carry On films Barbara Windsor has been added to the 60s Retrospective film reviews. It’s there because I was interested in Joan Littlewood and the Theatre Workshop which provided almost the entire cast.



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