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A further 1960s retrospective, SOME PEOPLE from 1962. Directed by Clive Donner, and featuring Kenneth More. The real stars are the five young Bristol kids, played by Ray Brooks, David Hemmings, Angela Douglas, Anneke Wills and David Andrews. It’s unusual for 1962, as it’s full colour, filmed on real Bristol locations and while it revolves around music, it uses actors rather than pop stars (and supplies music from The Eagles … the UK band … and Valerie Mountain, neither of them stars. Yet the soundtrack EP was a major hit. It was sponsored by the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme to show how kids lives could be changed, but the didactic bit is subservient to the main story.


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The 60s retrospectives. HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH (linked) directed by Clive Donner. The adventures of an 18 year old virgin (Barry Evans) in Stevenage New Town, with Judy Geeson, Vanessa Howard, Sheila White, Angea Scoular and the marvellous Adrienne Posta. It’s noted for its music soundtrack by Traffic, Spencer Davis Group and Andy Ellison. It’s so much my era that I get pretty critical in spite of its cast of British acting stalwarts Denholm Elliot, Michael Bates, Moyra Fraser and Christopher Timothy.

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