The latest on Around and Around in the Reviled! Albums Critics Love To Hate gets to Leonard Cohen and ‘Death of A Ladies’ Man’ from 1977 (FOLLOW LINK). It was produced by Phil Spector with his full Wall of Sound, and  Spector commandeered the tapes and mixed the album without Leonard Cohen’s permission or input. At the time, Leonard was incensed. Most (but not all) critics damned it. As time has passed it has emerged as a highly-rated and fascinating piece of work. Even more to the point, it has one helluva back story to it!

Article at AROUND AND AROUND under the Art of the LP section, in this case EPs. BOAC AND AIRLINE DISCS (linked) BOAC gave passengers on long haul flights special EPs in the late 1960s. You might not want to listen to the music, but they’re interesting for the then contemporary 60s designs.

What’s this about?

The Cherries hosted The Royals at the Vitality Stadium, and did better than on their last visit to the Madejski. Next week they host the Latics in the FA Cup, who triumphed over the Yellows at Field Mill in the last round.

Why have football reports increased the use of nicknames for teams and names for stadiums? A rant on the practice follows …FOOTBALL NICKNAMES (Follow the link).

My Around and Around site is equally interested in the aesthetics of record collecting. I’ve just added an article (under ART OF THE LP) on the Shell Birdsong EPs of the 1960s (LINKED). You wouldn’t listen to them, but the artwork is the attraction.

The latest on AROUND AND AROUND’s “Reviled! The albums critics love to hate …” gets to Elvis Presley. What started out as an article on one album grew so it’s on “Speedway” (and Elvis Film Music). (LINKED) I had to choose one of a dozen 60s film albums, and went for the last of the all music ones from 1968. Lots of pictures, lots on Elvis and film soundtracks in general. SPEEDWAY is the one treated in detail.

The latest review under ‘Reviled! The Albums Critics Loved to Hate;’ gets to The Beach Boys. CARL AND THE PASSIONS – SO TOUGH! (Follow link to review) was sandwiched between two of The Beach Boys greatest albums, Surf’s Up and Holland. It did poorly, and the record label liked it less than even the reviewers. It was a transition point, with new members Blondie Chaplin and Rick Fataar. They were squeezing the toothpaste tube dry to try and get songs out of Brian Wilson, and Carl Wilson was producing, but not writing. Still, it has its virtues.


The latest in the Around and Around “Reviled!” series is The Byrds “Byrdmaniax.” 1971. (FOLLOW THE LINK TO REVIEW) The same year as ‘Cahoots’ but considerably less interesting. The band was winding down, this wasn’t quite the end of the road but pretty near. Some blame Terry Melcher’s bloated over-production, done without the band’s consent. More likely they were running out of ideas. It’s not like “Let It Be – Naked” – there isn’t a great album hidden behind those strings waiting to escape the overproduction.

Another in the Reviled! The Albums Critics Love To Hate series, AMERICAN DREAM by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. (FOLLOW LINK) The reunion album from 1988, eighteen years after Déjà Vu, and it turned out to be a mixed blessing for all Still, it sold a million.

Sticking with Last Waltzers … and Canadians.The latest in AROUNDAND AROUND’s Reviled! series. You can’t get more reviled than being sued by your record label for $3.3 million because they think the album is so bad that it’s regarded as a deliberate insult. That’s what happened to Neil Young with this 1983 release, EVERYBODY’S ROCKIN’ (LINKED) on Geffen. See the article.

There is a long article on Nancy Sinatra on this site. It was originally a short Toppermost piece that grew and grew.

LINK IS HERE for her 80th birthday.