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Review of the 1964 film THE CHALK GARDEN. Starring Hayley Mills, Deborah Kerr, Edith Evans, John Mills, Felix Aymler, Elizabeth Sellars. This was a film version of the popular stage play from 8 years earlier which was described as the last and best of the drawing room comedy-thriller genre. The film loses most of the comedy. The stage play has been revived and as well as an overview of the film, there is a comparison between stage play (at Chichester in 2018) and the film, and on acting styles in general.


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The 60s retrospective series gets to THE FAMILY WAY (linked). Premiered just before Christmas 1966, but really a 1967 film. It’s most famous for the Paul McCartney soundtrack, but that’s unfair. It’s a family comedy drama, amusing rather than knockabout, with excellent character work. It stars Hayley Mills, John Mills, Hywel Bennett, Marjorie Rhodes, Avril Angers, Murray Head and John Comber. Well worth rewatching.


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