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Nevada Smith- review

Review of Nevada Smith (linked) in the 60s Retrospective series. Starring Steve McQueen, directed by Henry Hathaway. The film was a side project from The Carpetbaggers, filling in the back story. Westerns were not at their height of popularity in 1966, and this is a classic of the genre or a cliche, whichever. It was an interesting change, and a nod to readers who asked for some American movie reviews after such a run of 60s British ones.


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Review of “Widows” directed by Steve McQueen added. Follow the link. Beautifully constructed heist movie, way more intriguing than most of the genre.


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The next one in the series of late 60s film reviewed on DVD in an attempt to see how memory compares to present reality. Bullitt (LINK TO REVIEW) is from 1968. It’s one everyone must have seen. Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughan and Jacqueline Bisset.


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Review of the compelling and harrowing 12 Years A Slave added. See link. The film won the Golden Globe for Best Picture, Drama yesterday. The superlatives are rolling over it. They’re all quite right too.


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